Friday, September 20, 2013

Interview with Midway Gold in Nevada -- 2014 Production Target

While in Nevada, I interviewed Bill Neal, VP of Exploration for Midway Gold (Ticker symbol: MDW on the AMEX)

The damned Nevada wind tried to get in the act on this one.  But most of the video is of decent quality.

 Midway has an ambitious plan to start producing in August 2014.  It's a good company with smart people, it has money and it will be able (I think) to finance the rest that it needs.

August of 2014 is very ambitious considering that they haven't begun construction yet. And we also know that roughly half of all mining projects experience delays. So, if there was a delay in Midway's plan, that might cause the stock price to pull back, and that potential pullback might be a good entry point, if an investor was keen on this company.

Then again, maybe everything will go on schedule. In which case, picking up a near-term producer close to support, well ...

(Updated chart)

This is not a recommendation.  You're in charge of your own investing destiny, and please remember to do your own due diligence. There's a lot more to investigating a company than watching a video and looking at a chart.

You can see other videos I've taken on my recent tour of Nevada by clicking here:

I'm traveling back to Florida today so I have to keep this short. Good luck to us all.

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