Thursday, January 2, 2014

Canadian Oil Sands Interview

Canadian Oil Sands (COSWF on the Nasdaq) is a HUGE oil producer.  There are some very interesting differences between this company and other Canadian oil producers.  Those differences may work to Canadian Oil Sands' advantage.

Take a look at this video interview I did in San Francisco in December and decide for yourself ...

Watching the video, you'll see Siren Fisekci (Cool first name, it's pronounced "SEE-ren"; she's of Turkish heritage, apparently) correct me on something I say about the company.  One reason I do these videos is to learn new things about these companies. I hope you learn a few new things, too.

This video is not an immediate endorsement.  If you like this video, come back and see the rest of the interviews I recorded at the San Francisco conference.

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