Friday, April 28, 2017

Real Interest Rates at a Tipping Point for Gold

I've written about real interest rates a lot for subscribers. So it was nice to see this post and chart by @WFLONGWAVE on Twitter: "Real interest rates were often negative during the run up to 1900, see picture. They were the fundamental driver for the gold bull market."

That's it for now. Busy with today's afternoon column and getting ready for the launch of Red-Hot Resource Millionaire. You can watch a free webinar with all sorts of juicy, interesting gold and miner facts and charts.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Will Gold find support at $1260 or lower? Chart!

Here's a chart I whipped up on Stockcharts. It shows where I see support for gold.

Visit to see more great charts.


You can see that price support at $1,260 lines up closely with the 200-day moving average at $1,258.  So we can expect support there.

But what I would prefer is for gold to pull back to deeper support at its uptrend. That might be a great platform for gold and miners to launch higher.

We'll see how it plays out. Good luck and good trades to you.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tune in to Learn the Secrets of Gold

I'll be giving a free webinar next week on gold and miners.

It's going to be good.

But you can't watch it yet. You can SIGN UP for it.

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So do that. And I'll talk to you next week.

Update: The webinar is on! The reviews are good. You can watch it here:

Thursday Goodies -- Death by Laughter

I remember watching the British comedy show "The Goodies" when I was much younger. It was a very strange show. And apparently, it has both killed a viewer and caused an early birth.
From Wikipedia
On 24 March 1975 Alex Mitchell, a 50-year-old bricklayer from King's Lynn, literally died laughing while watching an episode of The Goodies. According to his wife, who was a witness, Mitchell was unable to stop laughing whilst watching a sketch in the episode "Kung Fu Kapers" in which Tim Brooke-Taylor, dressed as a kilted Scotsman, used a set of bagpipes to defend himself from a black pudding-wielding Bill Oddie (master of the ancient Lancastrian martial art "Ecky-Thump") in a demonstration of the Scottish martial art of "Hoots-Toot-ochaye." After twenty-five minutes of continuous laughter Mitchell finally slumped on the settee and died from heart failure. His widow later sent the Goodies a letter thanking them for making Mitchell's final moments so pleasant.
On 1 November 1977 Seema Bakewell, a 32-year-old housewife from Leicester, went into labour whilst laughing at a sketch in The Goodies episode "Alternative Roots". She refused to leave home for the hospital until the episode had finished.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trump Keeps Talking the Dollar Downward

Recently we saw the U.S. dollar slide after President Trump said "our dollar is getting too strong." But that's not the first time he's talked the greenback lower.


So, do you think Trump will change his mind and start talking the dollar up? Or does it suit his economic goals to have the dollar move lower against the currencies of China, Japan and Europe?

I think he wants a cheaper dollar. And that should be bullish for gold.

Just something to think about.

P.S. I’m putting the finishing touch on a virtual goldmine of my favorite microcap stocks in the metals and mining space. And I’m planning to unveil these to our very best subscribers in the coming weeks. If you’d like us to notify you about not only what to buy … but also precisely when … just let me know by clicking this link here.

How I'm Playing Gold and Miners Right Now

In other news, even though the dollar is weaker, gold is down today. It must be technicians selling as gold bumps up against the big downtrend I told you about.

The good news for gold is all the bearishness we're seeing now. Story after story about how gold must surrender its gains. I'm expecting whipsaw volatility as first the bulls, then the bears, then the bulls, then the bears get disappointed again.

But the fact is, fundamentals are seriously in gold's favor. I think we're going to break that downtrend. It just may take some time. Personally, I took some gains in PureFunds ISE Junior Silver ETF ($SILJ) yesterday. But I'm holding on to plenty of other positions. I don't want to be THAT GUY who sells everything at the first sign of trouble, then ends up crying in his beer.

And I may buy SILJ again soon. Or I may end up kicking myself because I miss the next entry.

But there is plenty of else that looks good. And the more pressure there is on good miners, the more of a banquet of bargains is laid before us.

P.S. I’m putting the finishing touch on a virtual goldmine of my favorite microcap stocks in the metals and mining space. And I’m planning to unveil these to our very best subscribers in the coming weeks. If you’d like us to notify you about not only what to buy … but also precisely when … just let me know by clicking this link here.

JP Morgan's Sector Earnings Outlook

Quite a button-popper for energy, if JP Morgan's outlook holds true.

Accoring to JP Morgan, 2017 looking shiniest for energy, financials and technology. Then again, forecasts often get wrecked by the rocky reefs of reality. I'm not trying to be a downer. Just: We'll see.

Original story HERE

Thursday, April 13, 2017

This Gold Party Ain’t Started Yet

By Sean Brodrick

(Story originally posted HERE)

You know who hates this market right now? Every investor who hasn’t bought gold and miners, thinking the rally this year is just a flash in the pan. I see "sour grapes" stories in the mainstream media all the time, talking about how gold is doomed. Doomed! DOO-OOMED!

Ha! I welcome their hatred of this rally. Their bitterness. They’ll change their minds eventually. And you know what? Plenty of ’em, when they finally go long, will STILL make money.

That’s because this gold rally hasn’t even really started yet. Let me show you a long-term chart of gold.

This chart shows the last big bull market in gold, and the subsequent 5-year-long bear market, and the new bull market.

Wait! No! It doesn’t show a new bull market at all. Even though I’m certain gold entered a new bull market at the beginning of 2016, chart-wise, that rally isn’t enough to break the big bearish trend that has been in place for six long years!

That’s right. The downtrend started before the official bear market began. Gold has trended lower for six years!

So could the bears be right? Could gold’s doom be nigh?

Well, sure. If every darned fundamental that I’ve been hammering about didn’t exist. Peak gold. Rising inflation. The ballooning Asian middle class. The cyclical nature of gold. And more!

But those bullish forces DO exist. The tide in gold has turned. And we are getting closer to a big breakout.

And let me tell you this: Every investor who is long gold and miners should stand up and give President Trump a standing ovation. He’s the force behind the recent gold rally.

First he bombed Syria. Then he threatened North Korea. Then he dropped all talk of China being a "currency manipulator." Then the Prez told the Wall Street Journal that the U.S. dollar is "too strong."

Result: The U.S. dollar looked back over its shoulder wistfully, then did a nose-dive off the roof. And as the greenback tumbled lower, gold jumped higher. That’s the "seesaw of pain" I keep telling you about.

Sure, I expect that what Trump giveth, he can taketh away. If and when things smooth over with North Korea, we’ll see a pullback in gold. Likewise, he talked the dollar down one week, so he can talk it up the next.

And there is still plenty of bearish sentiment lately. That’s why many miners have been laggards. Investors do not believe it. Heck, mining companies don’t believe it. French investment and bullion bank Natixis tells BullionVault that producers are selling gold into the current surge.

Why? I’ll tell you why! Because a five-year bear market has crushed their hopes. They see a six-year downtrend looming dead ahead, and they are panicking.

But downtrends are made to be broken. Oh boy, are they.

The fact is, gold is making higher highs and higher lows. We HAVE hit peak gold production. Gold is so cyclical it should be in the Tour de France. And those cycles are gearing up. Way up.

Let me show you one more chart before I go. Showing that you haven’t missed the boat. It’s a chart of gold’s daily price action through Thursday.


Sure, gold bulled through overhead resistance at $1,260. That resistance is now support. But there is even bigger resistance at $1,309.

Now, we might get there quickly. Recently, I told you just how quickly gold can fill an overhead gap in volume.

But gold might also zig-zag. The market causes the maximum amount of pain to the maximum number of investors — you know that. We could even see gold zag downward to test its recent uptrend before it really breaks you.

You know, in your gut, that such a dip would be a heck of a buying opportunity. But too many will listen to the sour grapes of Wall Street. It’s very hard to buy that kind of dip.

But if such a dip happens, those who do buy it could position themselves very nicely for gold’s next big bull move.

And when that happens, I have a select group of smaller gold and silver stocks. They’re overlooked by Wall Street. And they should shine very brightly indeed.

And that big rally is coming. Sour grapes be damned.


P.S. I’m putting the finishing touch on a virtual goldmine of my favorite microcap stocks in the metals and mining space. And I’m planning to unveil these to our very best subscribers in the coming weeks. If you’d like us to notify you about not only what to buy … but also precisely when … just let me know by clicking this link here.

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