Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Latest from me on Gold. GOLD! GO-O-O-O-O-O-OLD!

I've been super-busy with the launch of my new publication. It rolls out in a little over a week. And I'm also writing columns for Uncommon Wisdom Daily nearly every day.

So, I have very little time for this blog.

Here's where you can always find my latest:
Uncommon Wisdom Stories by Sean Brodrick

And here is a sample of my recent stories ...

India's Gold Demand Surges

Gold ETFs Back Up the Truck

Gold is Knock-Knock-Knockin' on Heaven's Door

By the way, I’ll be speaking at the Metals Investor Forum in Vancouver, Canada, on May 5 and 6. It’s a private meeting of the best brains in Canadian metals and mining. And you’re invited.
If you believe, as I do, that the small-cap miners and explorers are on the launch pad, you won’t want to miss this. Please join me, if you can. You can find more information at:

And since this is Hella Thursday -- the Day Before Good Friday -- let me leave you with a song. I know most people prefer the Guns 'n Roses version. But I am an old fart. 

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