Monday, May 15, 2017

2 Must-See Charts on Physical Gold and Silver

Today, I put out a new issue for my Red-Hot Resource Millionaire subscribers. Along with tooting my own horn over the Integra Gold pick -- and you've got to admit, that was well-timed (we bought it May 4), what with Eldorado Gold acquiring the smaller company -- I also gave subscribers a new silver pick.

Why silver? I gave a bunch of reasons, but let me share two with you.

First, here's a chart I made on a Bloomberg terminal of what's going on in the world's physical silver ETFs. Not just the one in the U.S.
Nice move. NOICE! Yeah, silver is becoming more popular, for reasons I detail in the issue.

Now how does this compare to the action in the world's physical gold ETFs? I'm so glad you asked ...
Sure, ETF holdings of gold are climbing. But proportionally, ETFs are buying a heck of a lot more silver.

Combine this with what I’ve told you about before — that the world has hit peak silver, and there are other production pressures on the metal — and you can see silver could go much higher.

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