Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Reads

9 Signs That China Is Making a Move Against the US Dollar
the Chinese have started to aggressively make currency swap agreements with other major global powers, and China has been accumulating unprecedented amounts of gold.

And my own story on this topic from this past week ...
China’s Plan to De-Americanize the World
Wise investors shouldn’t worry. Not just because Congress finally got over itself long enough to avert the crisis (for now), but because there are ways to safely ride out – and even profit from – global economic storms.

Standing on the Shoulders of Immigrants
My story of my wild Irish-American family (my mother was one of 13 children) -- and some important things you should do with your own family as soon as possible.

As Mexico Overtakes US As World's Fattest Country, It Begins Regulating Food Consumption
the lower House of (Mexico's) Congress passed on Thursday a special tax on junk food that is seen as potentially the broadest of its kind, part of an ambitious Mexican government effort to contain runaway rates of obesity and diabetes.

"the gold forward rate has once again turned into negative territory in the London market. While this is not quite as significant as some people have asserted in light of extremely low LIBOR rates, it is still remarkable – moreover, negative GOFO rates always tend to provoke rallies in the gold price in the short term. There simply are no exceptions to this rule we know of."

Here's how U.S. debt per capita has changed under every president since JFK


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