Friday, August 1, 2014

10 Top Reads & Friday Is Fun-Day

Today, I'm recommending that Gold & Resource Trader subscribers bank three rounds of non-gold gains. That puts me in a good mood. As the old saying goes, "take gains, you'll feel better."

Here are some things I'm reading.

1. Surprise! Another Sentiment Extreme Hits the Gold and Silver Market

2.  U.S. July factory activity expands at fastest pace in 39 months. Cool beans.

3. Must-know: Gas versus gasoline. Nice charts. Example:

4. Fears of a return of the weather phenomenon El Niño have cooled, spurring investors to withdraw bullish bets on food and other staples

5. Some great charts on making money in oil stocks HERE.

6. UCLA flood from water line rupture is red flag for L.A. infrastructure. It really doesn't get into it, but America's city infrastructure is falling to pieces.

7. WTO Fails to Ratify Trade Agreement. As Naked Capitalism says: "The U.S. was bullying India on this but they refused to give in. Not a good sign for TPP and other deals out there."

8. A Grand Unified Theory of Terribleness: Money Laundering by Banks, Terrorism, Genocide, and Tax Cuts. "New York takes in about $60B of tax revenue every year, so this deal is about 5% of that. And whaddayaknow, Cuomo announced roughly that amount of money in tax cuts for businesses and individuals earlier this year."

9. Why the Children Fleeing Central America Will Not Stop Coming

10. ‘Overblown’ Argentine Debt Crisis Ignored By Gold Market. This “default” was already priced into the markets four years ago in 2010 when the initial restructuring negotiations were resolved."

And now, something really cool to watch on a Friday. Using unique animation techniques, and an iPhone 5S, watch as this guy turns everyday life into a super cool cartoon universe!

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