Saturday, August 9, 2014

Good Year (So Far) for Gold & Resource Trader

My colleague Matt Carr crunched the numbers on the performance of my publication Gold & Resource Trader (GRT) and came up with some stats to lift my spirits.

On Wednesday, Matt wrote: 
You had a banner start to the year: out of 20 closed positions (including partial closes), 16 were closed for gains, 3 losses and one flat. And 9 of those closed positions were for double-digit percentage gains. 
And all of that was during when the sh*t hit the fan – from mid-January to April – when the broader markets corrected, biotechs collapsed and the Nasdaq toppled.

Matt added ...
The Dow (based on yesterday's close) is up only 0.10% for the year. The S&P is up 4.56%. The Nasdaq is up 4.57%. And the Russell 2000 (small caps) is down 3.06% this year. Gold – for instance, SPDR Gold Shares Trust (GLD) – is up over 5%. Despite all the negative news and views on gold. Metals have outperformed the market this year. Even the lowly gold.

Then Matt said ...
GRT has only closed 8 positions for losses so far in 2014. That’s out of 35 closed positions. That’s a success rate of 77.14% on closed positions… Basically 8 out of 10 positions are closed for gains. Sean’s had 11 positions closed for double-digit gains. And has two more positions open with double-digits gains at the moment. He has a very strong track record. A very strong track record in a sector most investors have abandoned or cast aside.

So where does this leave us now? I recommended my GRT subscribers close two more positions on Thursday. One was barely positive, but it was turning against us, and I'll take any win when the broad market was having a terrible day. The other position was yet ANOTHER double-digit percentage gain.

Of course, individual performance depends on where you buy and sell, and what commissions you pay, if any. 

Bottom line: it's been a pretty good year so far. Sure, many of GRT’s gains are on the small side. But there are plenty of double-digit percentage gains as well.

If you're one of my paying subscribers, thanks for coming along for the ride. 

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