Saturday, October 18, 2014

World Money Show Chart for Today -- US Dollar and Gold

My presentation at the Toronto World Money Show yesterday went very well.  The room was packed, the audience was attentive, and the questions were great. Even more people piled in for the following session, where I hosted a panel with Michael Dehn, a geologist and president of Fairmont Resources, and Michael Kosowan, a mining engineer and 15-year veteran of Sprott Global, Canada's premiere natural resource investment firm.

Both Michaels are brilliant, and they provided a lot of concise, insightful analysis. It made it more fun that there were areas where we did not agree. In fact there were strong disagreements. So that made it a LOT more fun. Really, that had to be the best panel I've hosted in years. The audience loved it.

Today, I'll be speaking in the Bullpen at 1:30.  I had something prepared, but I got so many good questions during my first session yesterday that I spent last night and this morning coming up with a new presentation to address some of those things. We'll be talking about silver, (and silver's underperformance of gold) crude oil, Sasol, the broad market trend, the Fed, the US dollar and more.

Here's one of the new charts I made overnight.

(Updated chart)

There will be many more charts. If you're attending the Toronto Money Show today, I hope to see you there.

And if you're an Oxford Club paying subscriber, and you want to see either of the presentations I made at the Money Show, contact your customer service representative next week (Monday October 20th or later) and ask them to send you PDFs of my Power Point presentations.

Have a good weekend. It's back to work for me. No rest for the wicked, you know ;-)

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