Monday, November 24, 2014

Chart of the day: Beer, Beer, BEER!

Americans Now Drink More Craft Beer Than Budweiser.

That is NOT including Bud Light. Just Budweiser.

Read the whole story HERE.

US stocks tend to outperform stocks in the rest of the world when the dollar is strong.

Just remember that a stronger dollar will weigh on S&P 500 earnings. And read the rest of the story HERE.

And this chart of U.S. crude oil production is being called "The Chart of the Year."

"The most important reason why oil prices are falling is because of the dramatic increase in recent years in US crude oil production ... and US oil production is expected to increase further by 1 mmb/d in 2015 and 0.6-0.7 mmb/d per year in the years to 2020. In other words, expect a continued increase in oil supply going forward."

Read the rest HERE.

One more thing: The always excellent Phil Flynn says that the world is oversupplied by 2 million barrels a day, so even if OPEC cuts by 1 million bpd on Thursday, it may not make a dent in the global oil glut 

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