Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Morning of Dice Tower 2015 -- day 1. Roll for the Galaxy, ya bastard

The first game if the morning -- before the con opened -- was Roll for the Galaxy.  This is one of our family favorites. 

I got dealt good tiles and they kept coming. This is the first time I have won this game in months. Huzzah! 
Then it was time to stand in line. Tom Vassel came by and apologized for the line being so long. He is a towering giant of a man hiding under a red hat. By the way, he does great board game podcasts
But the wait was cool. We got to make new friend and see old ones. 

Cindy got sucked into some kind of spy game (Spyfall) played with your smart phone with a group of people standing around you, all of them on their smart phones. A la Werewolf, you end up voting for who you think is the spy. Unlike Werewolf -- which I personally think is an annoying game -- in the spy game you answer questions to give each other clues. I think the questions come over the iPhones.
There was lots of laughter I that one. And the spy was found out. Cue the cigarette and the firing squad. 
I immediately went to cool stuff and bought two scratch and dent games -- dungeon fighter and Sheriff of Nottingham. Both good deals.

Then I sat down with a friend to try a game he backed on Kickstarter. It was being demonstrated by the publisher, and the final version wasnt published yet. We played with the game's designer.

I just don't think I'm smart enough for this game. I won't be buying it and I don't think I would play it again.

And now, lunch.

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