Monday, June 27, 2016

Kamikaze Bonds: The 10-Year Yield Goes Into a Death Dive

Here's an update of a chart that I've posted from time to time. Originally I had a much shorter time frame; I had to extend the time frame to find the next level of support.

Visit to see more great charts.

(Updated chart)

If that support breaks, our financial system is seriously working without a net. Look out below.

Gold higher again today. I took three rounds of gains in one of my publications on Friday. Maybe a bit too early? But you know what's wrong with 100%+ gains? Nothing!

Don't be greedy.

That said, I still have other positions in place to ride this next wave higher. And my intermediate-term target on gold remains $1,519. So if you're playing this in anything but short-term, just sit back and enjoy the ride. It could be wild!

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