Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This Nevada Gold Project Is a Real Sleeper

Last week, I visited five different gold miners/developers across Nevada.  One of them was Paramount Gold and Silver (PZG on the AMEX) and its Sleeper Project.

Sleeper isn't even PZG's main project -- that would be San Miguel in Mexico. But it IS a project with potential, and geologist and US Project Manager Nancy Wolverson gives us the scoop ...

Funny enough, at the next project I visited, I met another geologist who worked on Sleeper for a previous owner.  His theory -- and he's helping his current employer strike paydirt with his theories -- is that Sleeper is not a "solo" deposit. In other words, this other geologist firmly believed there is ANOTHER Sleeper out there in the same area.

And the original Sleeper was a rich, rich deposit.

Part of what Nancy and her team are doing at Sleeper is looking for that other, sister deposit. She's sharp enough that she could find it.

And in a side note -- these geologists often know each other or at least know of each other.  Many have worked on the same projects under different companies. if you're an independent cuss like Nancy, you might even consult on multiple projects at the same time. While I was flying back to Florida, an email landed in my inbox from a mining company that hoped I would come visit their gold project while I was in Nevada (they didn't know I'd already left, and my time was very constrained anyway).

I just started doing preliminary research on this other company, and guess who's doing some geology work for them? Nancy! Small world, ain't it?  But it's not surprising that multiple companies recognize talent.

I'm keeping the name of this other company close to my vest for now -- I haven't checked them out yet.; Stay tuned, though. I'll be going back to Nevada for sure.

And I'll also be writing more about Paramount Gold and Silver, too.

As I've been saying, just because I post this video, it is not an official recommendation. Do your own due diligence before buying anything.

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