Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Movie Reviews for Insomniacs - 7 Top Picks

What, you can't sleep either? If you're like me, when you can't sleep, you like to watch movie reviews. And one of the great things about the Internet is that it allows very obsessed people to obsess about the things that also obsess you. Obsessively.

See, you're not crazy. This other dude on the Internet, he's frakin' crazy. Sheesh!

Here are some good online movie/media reviewers ...

1. Screen Junkies. The name says it all. Hal Rudnick offers very impressive takes on movies.  He has good guests. And he is damned smart about the movies.

2. Screen Junkies also does Honest Trailers.  If you have a short amount of time and need big laughs, Honest Trailers delivers exactly that, targeting the sacred cows of Hollywood's biggest movies.

3. Belated Media. Michael of Belated Media is a frickin' genius. He has these brilliant ideas on how to re-edit the Star Wars prequels so they don't suck.

Why doesn't Hollywood hire this guy?  Wait ... wait ... that's right. Hollywood excels at sucking.

4. Welcome to the Basement.  I would so enjoy sitting on the couch with Matt Sloan and Craig Johnson and listening to their movie reviews. The premise of the show is that Matt surprises Craig with popular movies that Matt hasn't seen. The funny thing is, that's really secondary to the great insight these two have on films and film-making.

 And this duo has great chemistry that really adds to the viewers' experience. You can find all their reviews on Youtube or at their website:

5. Half in the Bag. And here's where I offend half of you with this pick of one of my favorite movie review duos. Mike and Jay are smart, funny, sarcastic, they know what makes a good movie, and they're not afraid to poke at sacred cows.  They also usually wrap their movie reviews inside some ongoing story that may or may not annoy you. The premise is they're VCR repair-men who are horrible at their jobs and manipulative of long-time, long-suffering customer Mister Plinkett. But they really don't need that premise -- their reviews are top-notch and would be worth watching on their own. That's my opinion. This show isn't for everyone.

6. Comic Book Girl 19. I'm going to break up the sausage fest with Comic Book Girl 19. With her trusty Robot sidekick, CBG19 reviews pop culture. I go to her to feed my "Game of Thrones" obsession, but she reviews all sorts of stuff, including one of my other obsessions, comic books.

7. Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder. Basically, this is like the discussions you used to have with your friends in your early 20s. And it's on, which is basically Internet crack for nerds.

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