Saturday, November 30, 2013

Stellar Alchemist

Last Saturday, I wrote about "A Brief History of Gold," which starts with the birth of gold in a stellar furnace. Today, I'm going to show you one of the coolest/hottest songs on the Internet. In it, Kim Boekbinder sings about nucleosynthesis.
The lyrics include "My heart is an iron fist" and "When I go, you will get gold." In other words, this song is the lyrical form of the long article I published last week. Kim is singing about heavy nuclear fusion. It's pretty much the best example of pop astrophysics you'll ever see and hear.

You also might get a subtext of romance and loss, but that's what the best music does, anyway. Listen, enjoy, and have a great Saturday.


  1. Grand, mesmerizing and lovely. I've gotten it stuck in my head. Too maintain a cosmic theme, I listen to this in tandem with Champagne Supernova and some Angels and Airwaves songs [which emerges as a dissonant playlist]. Though honestly, a song about the life of certain types stars and star debris is relatively avant-garde compared to songs about getting high and love songs in the context of space.

  2. thanks for your thoughts and comment, Ashanzer.