Monday, November 11, 2013

My Interview with The Gold Report

I was interviewed in The Gold Report, and that interview just went up. You can read it here: 

Three Reasons Why Gold's Best Days Are Ahead: Sean Brodrick

You'll see at the end of the interview, I say that I own Primero Mining (PPP). Obviously, this interview was done before I had to exit that and other positions last week.

Oxford Club has strict rules; one of which is its editors can't own stocks they recommend. Since I now have a publication that recommends particular stocks, I'll stick to mutual funds and ETFs in my own portfolio going forward.

Does this mean I think you should or shouldn't buy Primero Mining right now?  Subscribe to my new publication and find out what my recommendations are, if you really must know.

Whatever you do, be careful. Good luck and good trades.

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