Saturday, December 14, 2013

6 Hot Weekend Reads -- Gold, Genentically Modified Food, and More

My story about gold, frankincense and myrrh, the gifts of the three wise men, is a reader favorite this week.

 China's demand for gold remains "voracious." China imported 148 metric tonnes of gold in October, the second highest recorded level. The record was in March 2013 when China imported 224 tonnes. October marked China's 26th consecutive month of being a substantial net gold importer.

Via Goldcore and Bloomberg

China is worried that genetically modified foods are an American trap. "America is mobilizing its strategic resources to promote GM food vigorously ... This is a means of controlling the world by controlling the world's food production."

Washington D.C. is increasingly irrelevant, and why that may be good for the nation.

"All over America, communities are failing. Once-mighty Rust Belt capitals that made steel or cars are now wastelands. Elsewhere, struggling white rural America is stocking up on canned goods and embracing the politics of chaos, sending pols to Washington ready to hit the default button and start the whole national experiment all over again.

"But in Camden, chaos is already here." 

Read more in Apocalypse, New Jersey. Another great story by Matt Taibbi.

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