Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday's Top Reads

Here are the stories I'm reading this morning.

On gold ...

Peak Chinese Gold Demand: Has 2013 Seen The Most Consumer Appetite For A While? Sean's note -- take this with a large grains of salt, because none of the regular forecasters saw China's demand at the high level it is this year.

The view from India: "Brace yourself for another round of selling in gold" The analyst from the awesomely named firm of Kamal Bang says that people in India are asking themselves why they should have to pay such premiums over the international price of gold (because they're buying smuggled gold). Yeah, I guess that's why all those gold smugglers in India are calling it quits, right? Not.

Banks forecast gold in a range of $1,000 to $1,200 through next year  For what it's worth.

Those who bought the worst-performing industries and stocks in 2011 at the beginning of 2012 were handsomely rewarded.  The same thing happened the next year -- the worst performing stocks of 2012 did very well in 2013.  With 2013 nearly over, and gold miners beaten into the dirt, will they do well next year?

On virtual currencies ...

JPMorgan to Enter the Virtual Currency Race Sean's note -- but have they found some way to rig the market?

On the US Economy ...

Here's Why Companies Will Plow Cash Into The Real Economy In 2014. Again, for what it's worth, but it's an interesting perspective with historical precedence.

For another piece of historical precedence, read Does Stock Market Strength Beget More Strength

Looking for Stronger Economic Growth in 2014 -- Bill McBride at Calculated Risk

The 361 Capital Research Briefing is always a good read.  And it's quite bullish. Along those lines, also read The Most Important Economic Stories of 2013 -- in 41 Graphs

And one chart you should see ...
In the last two years, the Santa Claus rally came early, then we saw a fade for most of December. Is that going to happen this year? If so, that would be a great set-up for what should be a bullish 2014.

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