Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gold, Silver and Thor!

Quote for the Day

"Only the mediocre are always at their best." — Jean Giraudoux 

My Latest Article on Gold
Gold's Sell-Off: Should You Buy It?
Some folks are asking: Is the gold bull run over? Is it time to sell?

The answer is, “It depends on what kind of time frame you have.” If your only time frame is short term, sure, sell. If your time frame is anything but short term, this pullback should be a great buying opportunity in both gold and silver. I’ll show you why, and where you might consider picking up gold or gold mining stocks again.

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My Latest Article on Silver
Why You Should Invest in Silver Now

The big banks have smashed gold and silver lower this week, and after that shellacking, you'd have to be crazy to buy precious metals, right?

Yeah. Crazy like a fox.

If you're smart, you're going to put on your big-boy pants and buy silver right now.

Here's a chart from the story.

Read the rest of the story HERE.

My View on Marvel's Announcement that Thor Is Now a Woman

See the announcement HERE.

My view: This is a bad idea. A) it's lazy and B) it shows disrespect for the fans.

Here me out before you think I'm a raging sexist.

First, I know why Marvel is doing this rather than launching a new female character. It is tough to generate the same level of interest/buy-in for a brand-new character than for an already-popular one.

However, that said, LAZY! Thor's defining characteristic is his masculinity. Taking a character that is masculine at his core and recasting as a female simply to generate an audience from the get-go is just plain lazy.

Now, as for disrespecting the fans: The fans can take something new. Hell, they're eager for something new IF IT IS DONE WELL.

If Marvel wants to stick with Norse mythology, there are plenty of Norse Goddesses to choose from. Loki in the Norse mythology has a daughter named Hel. She is the goddess of the dead. Interesting mythological factoid: "Although the gods looked upon her with loathing, Hel had more power than Odin." Ah, so hated AND powerful. Can you see the story possibilities there?

Or take Loki -- Loki changes sexes, so there's no problem playing Loki as a woman. Or a transgendered woman if they wanted to go that route. Hell, Loki even turned into a female horse and gave birth, though I don't expect Marvel to go that far. 

And Loki has all sorts of conflicts, good/bad stuff going on, including a sibling rivalry with Thor, that makes a female Loki perfect for a modern-age character. Loki IS chaos, and will help you or hurt you depending on her mood and/or the situation. Loki does come through in the clutch a number of times.

CONCLUSION: The much smarter move would be to recast Loki as female, and use all the potential that hasn't been explored in that character.

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