Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Reading: SciFi Classics

This summer, I'm reading classic Sci-fi, naturally. Like Bester's "The Stars My Destination."

If you're looking for books you haven't read but should, consider the old classics that you can now find on Kindle for dirt-cheap.

Other lists of great works ...

Millenium SF Masterworks

David Pringle's Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels

Top 100 SciFi Books

NPR's Top 100 Science-Fiction, Fantasy Books

Not all the books on these lists are my favorites, but most are very good. Some are outstanding. There are some noticeable absences -- just try to find James Blish's Cities in Flight near the top of any of these lists. But that's part of the fun -- finding a treasure that others have ignored.

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