Saturday, March 29, 2014

Violin at Sunset

I was prepared for another lonely night away from home when I walked by a window of the hotel and heard beautiful violin music coming from the grassy esplanade behind the Park Hyatt Aviara in Carlsbad, California.  It turned out to be violinist Martin Shaw ...

Let's see if I can upload a video of a piece of his performance of Ashokan Farewell ...

What beautiful music. He played a lot of old time favorites. A couple of girls, daughters of guests at the hotel, ran around behind him. One wore blue butterfly wings, the other orange. They danced to the music, which was wonderful. Another young girl showed up to do cartwheels.  

So, I had a top-notch music performance, kids dancing around, the crisp, clear air of Carlsbad in March, and all framed by an excellent sunset.

He didn't have any of his music for sale, so I'll have to look him up online at

After all, I'd like to hear his music without people chattering away in the background.

That was the one unfortunate thing. 

A group of transient Visigoths behind me chattered away about the banal inanity of their lives, and did it very loudly. They would not shut up. They were like a bunch of monkeys gibbering away on the steps of a temple, blind to the grandeur and beauty around them.

It's probably because they're part of the generation brought up watching entertainment at home. So they have no class, no sense of how to act at a public performance.

I found out (because they're so frickin' loud) that they were a bunch of golfers. That means they're here with the LPGA tournament. I only hope I have the opportunity to show up at an LPGA tournament and talk VERY LOUDLY when they're trying to do their jobs.

Anyway, it was great music, Martin, monkeys and all. 

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