Friday, February 7, 2014

3 Online Silver Sellers

One of my Twitter friends (hi, @furlicity) asked me where she could buy silver coins online. I can't give that kind of individual advice. But what I CAN do is blog about where I've bought coins successfully in the past.Click on the title/links to go to the website.

I've bought from APMEX online multiple times. When all is said and done -- shipping, handling, etc., APMEX usually has a great deal. And they have no problem taking my credit card. You can call them toll free at 800.375.9006, and they have a live-chat function on their website that I've found useful.

2. Gainesville Coin
This website has interesting deals sometimes.  I remember I had to jump through some hoops to buy from them online the first time.  However, I live in Florida, and this company has a nice showroom at 17860 N. US Hwy 41 Lutz, Florida. There's nothing better than buying face-to-face. You can email Gainesville Coin at for more info, or call 813.482.9300.

3. Great Panther Silver Rounds and First Majestic Silver Rounds
I've bought from these two silver producers in the past.  Now for me, it's kind of neat to have a coin
from a mine I've been to visit. And the fact is, these companies make downright beautiful coins. And there is something cool for anyone to know that your silver came from a particular mine.

That said, I remember these coins were a bit more pricey than coins you might buy at APMEX.  Still, if you think silver is going to $50, what's a few pennies difference now?

First Majestic also offers silver ingots and bars as well. You can contact First Majestic about buying bullion at

And Great Panther's general contact email is

Now, before you go emptying your wallets, a disclaimer: These are not endorsements of these or any particular gold or silver sellers. There are other fine silver sellers, but these are four that I've bought from. Your personal experience may not be as smooth as mine. And always, ALWAYS make sure you are clear on shipping charges, insurance, etc. before you buy.

Finally, you'll notice that I am not listing eBay as a place to buy silver coins. There's a reason for that.  If you're going to buy coins on eBay, just go give your money to charity instead.

I'll write about online gold dealers, and other online silver dealers, another day.


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