Sunday, February 2, 2014

Best Superbowl Ads -- And Strangest

You can find a complete list of the Superbowl ads here.

And here are the ones I like the best.

Kia -- The Truth.

I'm a Matrix fan, and this is the best of the car commercials.

I like the Toyota Muppets commercial, too, but it didn't sell me anything but the need to see more Muppets. After seeing the Kia commercial, I might actually give one a test drive. The Jaguar commercial was a lot of fun, too, but it didn't make me want to test-drive a Jaguar.It just makes me want to see more movies with British villains.

AXE PEACE -- Make Love, Not War
Great sentiment, great ad.

Squarespace -- A Better Web Awaits

This speaks to all our fears about the web. By the way, Net Neutrality is a thing of the past, so the Web could start sucking exponentially going forward.

Columbia Pictures/MGM - Robocop Trailer

Samuel Fucking Jackson, man. Do I need to say more? Plus this is one reboot that actually looks awesome. You know what looks like straight to video? Kevin Costner's new movie, Draft Day, which has its own Superbowl commercial. It's even worse than this other Kevin Costner movie, which has its own Superbowl commercial.

Kevin, what happened? Are you kidnapped, and forced to make these crappy movies?

Hyundai - Dad's Sixth Sense

That is cool technology. I want it.

Turbo Tax -- The Year of You

Gosh, this is an awesome commercial. Probably my favorite of the entire show. And I believe in having your taxes done by a professional!

Strange commercials

  • The Bud Light, "Up for Whatever" commercial just made me wonder whatever happened to Don Cheadle. It's fun to see see Arnold Schwarzenegger finally getting some work, though. I guess this shows that Budweiser  has more money than King Croesus.
  • GoDaddy is now the website for gay bodybuilders, I guess.
  • The Audi "Doberhuahua ad is hilarious, but do you really care about Audi after that? Save the Doberhuahuas!
  • And what were the idiots at Chobani thinking?
  • Chevrolet Romance -- what the hell are you thinking?
And the Dorito's Finger Cleaner ad is so freaking strange and gross, but it somehow works.

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