Monday, February 10, 2014

Breakout! Charts of 2 of the Hottest Stocks in Precious Metals

Today, we're going to look at two stocks that are very familiar to Oxford Resource Explorer subscribers.

First, a weekly chart of Silver Wheaton (SLW) ...

(Updated chart)

Silver Wheaton popped above its downtrend today. That's good, because it spent a few weeks drifting sideways. We'll need follow-through, but valuation and potential growth are lining up in your favor.

Next, a daily chart of Goldcorp (GG) ...
(Updated chart)

We didn't buy the bottom, but bought it cheap enough that you have some very nice gains in a short time. Kudos if you're an Oxford Resource Explorer subscriber.

And stay tuned for your next Oxford Resource Explorer Weekly Wire, which is coming on Wednesday.

I like how the other positions I recommended to you in ORE look here, too.  And for more analysis of gold, see my post from earlier today.

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