Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Linked-In Offers a New Twist on the Nigerian Prince Scam -- Gold!

So I received a Linked-In message today that was a twist on the ol' "Nigerian Prince" scam. Boy, my opinion of Linked-In is going downhill in a hurry. I'm leaving the scammer's name because he and Linked-In should both be called out on this. 

Here is the Linked-In message in full ...

Rav Alan
February 5, 2014 5:36 PM
Attn: Sean
I am sorry for infringing on your personal privacy but i have a good business proposal which i think will be of great interest to you, i got your contact from America business pages and will like to know if we can work together.

My company supplied crude oil to Ghana and due to reasons best known to the Government of Republic of Ghana they could not meet up with the payment
of the supplied crude then after the death of Former President Atta Mills the Govt and my company settled for GOLD concession for the crude.

We were given 200 kilos of gold bars and allocated large portions of mining sites as ordered by the Manhyia Palace at the Ashanti region of Ghana and our men are currently on site mining Gold and Diamond on the sites allocated to us. As a matter of urgency we need a reliable investor or partner who can market this gold for us to enable us get money and modern equipment to facilitate our mining program. This will require the buyer or investor to come down to Ghana so we can sit down and discuss in person on how to form a business consortium also to ensure he will be taken to our mining sites to see things for himself.

Your quick response will be highly appreciated

Rav Alan

Sean's note -- Mr. Alan shouldn't hold his breath waiting for my reply.

In another note, I'm sorry I haven't written much this week, but I am buried in work.

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